It’s a tool in the making

When people post comments about stories they read, see, or hear, the lists can get unwieldy. SeeSaw weighs the comments’ content and tone and delivers icons to readers that reflect these thoughts and emotions. For example: Why do readers love the subject of the article, or what makes people angry after reading the piece?

SeeSaw is harnessing the power of clever algorithms to sort and parse the comments. And convert the results to images. And one day even sort all across the web. Ok, it is a dream. But I am starting to build this tool, which mines, sorts, visualizes, and put comments into context, helping readers and authors see their community.

Wonder what the most comments on a news story might be, 500? 1,000? If you find a high number, please post and add the links.

More info to come on this site, please stay tuned. Am preparing for the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Innovation Showcase. (Whew, trying saying that after standing next to your poster for hours.) But we are keen to hear what everyone thinks as we build and build this SeeSaw.

Once SeeSaw is pretty stable, we want to let you try it to see what it can deliver to you.


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